Best Perforated Pool Fencing Perth

Looking for a secure, ultra-hardy and easy-to-clean pool fence that won’t spoil your view? Perf pool fencing may be the solution for you. Read on to get the low-down on this new material that’s making big waves in the pool fencing world.


Perf pool fencing is made from perforated marine-grade aluminum. Due to the perforations, it has great transparency (similar to glass) without the hassle of frequent cleaning. It’s easily customizable and can be powder coated in various colors or printed with custom patterns to add a decorative touch or extra privacy.


There are many reasons why you might choose a perforated pool fence over traditional options like aluminum tubular, batten fencing, glass, steel, PVC or timber.


Perforated pool fencing is made from non-corrosive, smash-proof 5052 marine-grade aluminum that stands the test of time in the harsh Aussie environment. While traditional aluminum tubular or batten fencing offers similar durability, perforated pool fencing does so with a more sleek and aesthetically pleasing finish.


Love the transparency of glass but hate how grubby it can look after a day of splashing and being touched by little hands? Thanks to its perforated holes, perforated pool fencing is entirely see-through so you can easily keep an eye on the kids while they swim. No fingerprints or grime in sight!

Easy Cleaning

If you’ve ever had a glass pool fence, you’d know just how difficult it is to keep them sparkling clean and clear. Perforated pool fencing offers similar visibility to glass but can’t be clouded by fingerprints, splash marks and other residues. That means you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time kicking back by the pool.


When you’re in the midst of a Perth heatwave, you want all the airflow you can get. Unlike glass, perforated pool fencing lets the breeze pass through with ease.


Less Maintenance

Unlike other fencing options, the perforated aluminum ones don’t require extended maintenance. The rust and fade resistance of perforated aluminum fencing make it ideal for all use cases. Moreover, the tailored styles add a new look to your swimming space.

Perforated pool fencing is around the same budget as glass, and a bit more expensive than our floating batten option. The material strength makes them equally ideal for commercial and residential pools.

Perf pool fencing is certified to the highest Australian safety standards AS1926.1, and fully complies with council pool fencing regulations. It’ll keep your pool area safe and secure for years to come.

Perforated Pool

The good news is that perforated pool fencing can be completely customized with various colors and patterns to suit your space. Please note that black and monument are stocked colours, anything else needs to be custom made and drastically increases the cost. You can choose from two different range designs of perforated pool fencing that offer a little less visibility and more privacy around your pool – and they look stunning too. Please see our palm and plain design patterns below.


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