The Floating Marvels of India: From Post Offices to Polling Stations

Ashish Kanajariya By Ashish Kanajariya Apr30,2024
Incredible Floating Marvels

India amazes by doing the impossible. The country has constantly come up with innovative solutions to seemingly insoluble problems. India’s creativity is evident in unique innovations that are specifically designed to fit its environment and needs. ( The Floating Marvels of India )

Discover India’s Incredible Floating Marvels

India has also built some of the most amazing floating constructions in one domain that is aimed at securing access to communications and democracy. When earthbound designs were impractical, engineers sailed daring new structures that linked isolated settlements.

These include a post office serving a lake and an election booth for one leonine voter. Although innovative, they bring out the spirit of India’s subsuming challenges. These two wonders sustain services in unreachable terrains by just floating on.

Part 1 – Srinagar’s Stamp of Uniqueness: Dal Lake’s Post Office

Srinigar Branch of all the post offices in India’s vast network is a unique distinguished privilege that it floats. The uniqueness of this singular post office in Dal Lake accentuates India’s ingenuity in getting mail to everyone. ( The Floating Marvels of India )

Part 1

The Options for Aquatic Mail Services

Dal Lake which is the pride of Kashmir has been known for its floating houses and markets across the world. However, speedboats and shikaras do not carry letters. The construction of regular post offices was not feasible on the mucky lakesides.

However, regular mail access was necessary even in the lakeside communities that often ran into thousands. Houseboat owners in particular relied heavily on the mail for their tourism activity.

To remedy this, the Postal Department came up with an unconventional solution – a functional post office on Lake! This would faithfully cater to locals and visitors without requiring them from the port.

India’s First Floating Post Office

Initiated in August 2011, the Srinagar Floating Post Office is India’s first and only floating post office. In the cozy perimeter of an 11x.

This lasted for more than two years of planning and constructing the site, as well as conducting an audit on the lake bed to identify the best location. Finally, the Kashmir University’s Department of Naval Architecture was able to manufacture a customized boat.

The Dal Lake floating facility was envisaged as a unique combination of an attraction and civic utility by the Postal Department that resonated with its mottoes of universal service access, innovations, and eco-friendly operations.

Efficient Services and Amenities at the Post Office

Part 2 - Polls

The floating post office is small but capable of large-scale work. Services available:

    • Postal despatch and delivery by shikara mailmen, who carry letters to the shore sorting office.
    • Retailing of stamps, envelopes, and postcards displaying images from the local environs.
    • Letters and parcels inwards or outward from residents of the Dal Lake register.
    • Local consumers’ handling of savings accounts and money orders.
    • Media coverage and revenue from visitor traffic intrigued Indian and foreign tourists regarding its singularity.
    • The floating staff includes a postmaster and three clerks for the posts.
    • The interior lights are powered by a solar panel and there is a backup generator available when necessary.
    • There is a separate room in the boat where mail can be kept safe.

In its early days, the post office glided over Dal Lake on different routes clarified by a bicycle bell. Since 2016, it has been permanently moored at Lake Boulevard. Now a day after more than ten years have passed, the facility remains to serve as the official postal address of this lake!

Community Impact: Taking Posts to People’s Doorsteps

The Srinagar Floating Post Office was created to address the urgent communication needs of around 1000 households living on Dal Lake. They welcomed it with open arms since their postman, who was located in the neighborhood, became just one shikara away.

It reduces the necessity to send letters over long distances. Young and old find it easier. By ensuring smooth public relations, the facility won goodwill and appreciation.

Environmental Sustainability

Regarding its ecological footprint, the floating post office is much less than constructing a landside building. It does not take up valuable space in congested Srinagar. Its persistence does not pollute the ecosystems of Dal lakes, it produces no wastes from construction.

Solar energy and zero-waste strategies enable the building to create a minimal carbon footprint. It incorporates a hint of heritage conservancy with its subtle houseboat design. In general, the floating post office is a combination of sustainability and community service.

Innovation Awards in Public Services

Srinagar’s floating post office has become a sort of heart-warming innovation, and brilliant public relations exercise for India. Being inaugurated in the year 2011, it became an international media curiosity and was photographed worldwide.

It illustrates the solution-oriented creativity India has provided. It has won several awards including:

  • National Award for Innovation from the Department of Posts 2012
  • CSIA-Crest Award for Business Innovation and Jury’s Commendation 2012
  • Limca Book of Records entry for pioneering floating post office
  • Featured in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2020 Mann Ki Baat address celebrating innovations

The post office remains a fascinating gem in the heart of India’s letterhead to this day. It has prompted cities across the world including Seattle and Venice to consider similar floating postal programs.

Supporting Floating Services Worldwide

Other countries outside India, such as China in her fish farms and dairy at Amsterdam do the same. Other civic floating facilities worldwide include:

  • Floating helipads, docks, fuel stations and shopping malls
  • Floating vegetable gardens and plant nurseries in Bangladesh
  • Dockside floating hotels and restaurants in Vancouver
  • Floating beach clean-up booms and plastic catchers
  • Houseboat schools in Nigeria and Cambodia to serve fishing villages
  • Floating bridges, ferries, and bike lanes in Rotterdam

India may draw lessons from global initiatives geared at enhancing accessibility through floating facilities which reduce environmental damage. Whether posts or public services, the technology exists to establish floating solutions as mobile marine branches of urban infrastructures.

In all, India’s one unique floating post office lives up to its promise of mailing with a view! It shows how seeking answers on water can solve access problems on land.

Part 2 – Polls for One Voter

India takes inclusive elections seriously. For at least one voter, the Election Commission establishes a special polling station during every election in the remote Gir Forest region of Gujarat. This polling booth in Banej village represents the complex measures to ensure that everyone does not fall out of the democratic process. ( The Floating Marvels of India )

Part 2 - Polls

The Forest Resident Who is Never Separated

The character representing the booth of Banej’s special election is Shreenathji Himmatbhai. Primarily, a Maldhari herder by profession and the only human voter in Gir Forest resides with Banej’s Asiatic lions.

When it comes to elections, election officials dutifully navigate through the jungle to have a polling booth in place just for Shreenathji. Whereas typically a booth can take over 1200 voters, election regulations provide for the establishment of separate arrangements to prevent disenfranchisement even where there is only one voter.

Since then, Shreenathji has enjoyed casting his vote at every election. Some media headlines have captured photos of his lone vote in Gir’s forest constituency and thus highlighted this strange spectacle of Indian democracy.

The Herculean Task of Reaching a Single Voter

For Shreenathji to vote, the Election Commission and district officials orchestrate marathon logistics two weeks before each election:

  1. Officials trek miles through Gir Forest’s core area – home to over 600 lions and leopards – to reach Banej clearing.
  2. They set up an enclosed polling station with a table, chairs, voting machine, ballot box, ink, forms, flag, and lamp.
  3. The authorities also install temporary police and forest booths to monitor the jungle vicinity while voting proceeds.
  4. Once the booth is election-ready, Shreenathji walks 3 km from his hut to cast his vote.
  5. Officials wait as he goes through all requisite procedures from identity checks to voting to ink marking.
  6. After Shreenathji finishes, the team dismantles the independent jungle polling station entirely and treks back.

From start to finish, the entire process involving forest and police officials usually takes 2 days. However, to prevent even one loyal citizen from losing his constitutional right, the power continues this voting access ritual.

India’s Powerful Electoral Machinery in Play.

A single-voter polling station represents the effort and amount spent on ensuring that democracy is inclusive.

Some key statistics reveal the immensity of elections in India spanning 29 states, 7 territories, and nearly a billion voters:

  • The Election Commission sets up 1 million polling stations across India for general elections.
  • The government deploys 11 million employees and security personnel for election routines and monitoring.
  • The Election Commission purchases and configures over 2 million electronic voting machines.
  • Voter awareness campaigns, officer training, and logistics preparations begin 6-12 months ahead.

To promise credible access and participation irrespective of the remoteness or size of voters, India invests substantial resources. Its election machinery mobilizing to enable Shreenathji’s vote underlines ( The Floating Marvels of India )

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